PT. Guna Sukses Inti


PT Guna Sukses Inti (GSI-Test) is an independent test laboratory and calibration laboratory. GSI-Test specializes in metal testing and force calibration. GSI test lab able to performance: chemical analysis for all metal, tensile & compression up to 2000 kN test capacity, hardness test Rockwell-Brinell-Vickers and force calibration. We also supply a comprehensive range of testing equipment: universal testing machine, tensile tester, compression tester, torsion tester, CMM, Video non-contact measurement, climatic temperature humidity tester, UV, Xenon tester and special purpose testing machine, and services, preventive maintenance programs, upgrade old machines, modification and adjustment, service contract and training course.


To be a leading company specializing in testing & calibration laboratory, and material testing machine supplier.


We supply quality material testing machine and provide testing laboratory and force calibration laboratory and technical services.

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Jakarta office opened


Opened Testing and Calibartion Laboratory in Cikarang


Accreditation Force Calibration Laboratory by KAN-BSN. LK-230-IDN
Calibration Range:

0 ~ 200 kN
0 ~ 500 kN
0 ~ 1000 kN


Expanding Calibration Range Accreditation KAN - BSN LK-230-IDN

0 ~ 2 kN
0 ~ 5 kN
0 ~ 20 kN
0 ~ 200 kN
0 ~ 500 kN
0 ~ 1000 kN
0 ~ 2000 kN


Update full calibration range:
0 ~ 2 kN
0 ~ 5 kN
0 ~ 20 kN
0 ~ 200 kN
0 ~ 600 kN
0 ~ 1000 kN
0 ~ 2000 kN

Set up Testing Laboratory Tensile and compression test
Flexural test
Rockwell and super rockwell test
Vickers and microvikers test
Chemical analysis of Steel
Chemical analysis of Stainless steel
Chemical analysis of Aluminum
Non Contact Measuring
Microscopic analysis

Award & Achievement

Accreditation certificate ISO/IEC 17025:2008 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’.

Accreditation certificate ISO/IEC 17025:2017 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’.

Our Team

Yhosep Kurniawan
Rizky Fauzy
Fandi ifansyah