1 to 250 kfg FH 10


The FH-10 universal hardness tester is based on a closed loop load cell, an indentor/objective swivel system and a video indent system and features a high resolution touch screen display with a sophisticated embedded control firmware.

The FH-10 complies with or exceeds all relevant international standards and works on Rockwell, Super Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop scales , but it also can do ball and indentation hardness testing for thermoplastics and the new Vickers depth (HVT) and Brinell depth (HBT) procedures and uses a load range from 1 to 250kgf (optional from 0,5kgf).

The embedded Horizon software user interface is designed for simple tester operation and allows you to not only operate the testers but also incorporates advanced algorithms for automatic impression detection and hardness measurement. It also incorporates manual and automatic measurement for all scales, image editing, file storage, image storage, report printing, turret operation, manual or automatic focusing and many other advanced functions.

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