0.01 to 62.5 kgf FH 6


The FH-006 series of Micro Vickers, Vickers and Micro Brinell hardness testing machines are a new generation of machines that use a unique, electronically controlled, closed loop system and advanced force sensor technology, to achieve absolute accuracy, reliability and repeatability, on each of the forces used for a test.

The innovative Horizon software allows file storing, test program setting and storing, image zoom, auto focus, limit settings, conversions to other hardness scales, system setup and (remote) control, pattern testing (CHD/Nht/Rht) to ensure high reproducibility of test results and limits operator error and interpretation.

The tester has a 6 position turret which can be customized by using different indentors, objectives, stages or vision systems, meeting your particular request and budget. The FH-6 series meets all applicable EN, ISO and ASTM standards.

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