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DVT-300 - Vibration Tester - DVT - 300

Series: DVT-300
Vibration Tester - DVT - 300


1.  TFT Color LCD Display

2.  Used For Failure Detecting Of Motor, Electric Fan, Pump, Air Compressor, Machine Tools And So On

3.  Record Of RMS Of Velocity Values, Peak-Peak Value Of Displacement, Peak Values Of Acceleration, Or Real-Time Spectral Charts

4.  Guard Against Mechanical Malfunction

5.  Testing Results And Spectrum Can Be Printed Out Through Built-In Printer

6.  Can Be Connected With PC By Powerful Software For Further Analysis


Standard Delivery

1. Main Unit

2. Power Adapter

3. Sensor

4. Magnetic Seat

5. Carrying Case

6. Operating Manual

7. Calibration Certificate

Technical Specification