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DC-2000C/2020C - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 2000C/2020C

Series: DC-2000C/2020C
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 2000C/2020C


1. Pocket Size, Easy To Operate
2. Auto Probe Zero Calibration
3. Auto Probe Identify
4. Measuring Range: 0.65-400mm
5. Suitable For Various Materials Such As Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass, Polystyrene, Polyethylene
6. Auto/Manual Gain Adjustable
7. USB Output
8. Standard 5.0MHz Probe Included, Optional Probe: 75MHz, 2.0MHz, 5.0MHz High Temperature, 10MHz
9. 9 Material Velocities Are Stored For Selection Or Input The New Velocity
10. Display Resolution 0.1mm/0.01mm
11. Memory Of 5200 Readings With Location Number(DC-2020C)


Standard Delivery

1.   Main Unit
2.   Standard 5MHZ Probe D5008
3.   Built-In Calibration Block 4mm
4.   Couplant 75Ml
5.   Calibration Certificate
6.   User Manual
7.   Cable (DC-2020C)
8.   Carrying Case

Optional Accessories

Technical Specification