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DC-6000 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 6000

Series: DC-6000
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 6000


  1. Larger Colorful TFT Display 320×240
  2. Resolution 0.001 Mm, For Very Thin Materials, Measuring Range 0.200-20.00mm
  3. 15MHzSingle Element Probe Is Available
  4. A/B Scanwaveform And Large Digital Display
  5. Automatic Probe Recognition And Automatic Zero Calibration
  6. Automatically Locates The Detection Point.
  7. Automeasurment And Manual-Measurment Selectable.
  8. Limitation Setting, Alarm With Sound And Display.
  9. Memoryof 100 Files X 100 Data, Transfer Data To PC Without Software,  Available For Any Windows Operating Systems.
  1. Measurementscreen Automatic Frozen, Which Makes It Easy To Analyze The Data For Users.
  1. Multi-Languages



Standard Delivery
1.   Main Unit
2.   Standard 15MHZ Transducer S1507
3.   Built-In Calibration Block 4mm
4.   Couplant 75ml
5.   Cable
6.   Calibration Certificate
7.   User Manual
8.   Carrying Case
Optional Accessories

Technical Specification