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DC-5000 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 5000

Series: DC-5000
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - DC - 5000


  1. Large Colorful TFT Display 320×240
  2. Resolution 0.01 Mm, Max Power For Very Thick Materials, Measuring Range 20.00mm-590.00mm
  3. 1MHz Single Element Probe Is Available
  4. A/B Scanwaveform And Large Digital Display
  5. Automatic Probe Recognition And Automatic Zero Calibration
  6. Automatically Locates The Detection Point
  7. Auto Measurementand Manual-Measurement Selectable
  8. Limitation Setting, Alarm With Sound And Display
  9. Multi-Languages
  10. Memoryof 100 Files X 100 Data, Transfer Data To PC Without Software, Available For Any Windows Operating Systems
  11. Measurementscreen Automatic Frozen, Which Makes It Easy To Analyze The Data For Users


Optional Accessories


Standard Delivery
1. Main Unit
2. Standard 1MHZ Transducer S1025
3. Built-In Calibration Block 4mm
4. Couplant 75ml
5. Cable
6. Calibration Certificate
7. User Manual
8. Carrying Case

Optional Accessories

Technical Specification