JTM Technology

JTM-RP1291 - Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Series: JTM-RP1291
Temperature & Humidity Chamber


1. Set max. 1 pattern × 99 steps × 99 cycles. You can set arbitrarily by dividing into subprograms and set individually the number of cycles.
2. The time of each program can reach up to 99 hr 59 min.
3. This controller provides memory recovery shut down. If the power interrupts while testing, the rest of the program can be executed continuously after the power recovers.
4. This is available both for programmable and direct display (for single temperature and humidity).
5. While testing, it can display the rest of testing time.

Control Characteristics
1. This controller includes “slope control”.
2. output channel (for recorder)
3. PID control for temperature & humidity.
4. Alarm setting for temperature & humidity.
5. Remote control system provided for program execution.


Technical Specification