JTM Technology

JTM-R260 - Stress - Relaxation Testing Machine

Series: JTM-R260
Stress - Relaxation Testing Machine


FEATURE of Performance:
1. Basic Function
Servo Computer Controlled system Computer graph and reporting form
2. Speed
Adopt PLC automatic speed control device.
3. Base
the machine is made of Steel with hardened surface treatment.
4. Flexible Sample size Testing

5. High Precision
Forces are measured with a precision within ±0.5% of indicated values. Adopt high accuracy and precision load cell to ensure test stabilities and low error.
6. Graph work Intelligent Control Windows based software.
Setting of test methods
Test execution
Analysis of the results
Printing of the certificates
Graphic Post
analysis of the tests
Statistical analysis of the tests.
7.Transmitted method
High Precision ball screw and linear
Guide way X 2 Sets
Servo motor/servo driver plus reducer
Structure strength above 600KN


This machine is designed and manufactured as per the standards of ASTMA416/A416M 99 & E328. JTM offers two type to match the end user demand, Vertical type and Horizontal type. Both type offrame of this machine is consist of high stiffness and high durabel steel , and is available to input the basic information and control parameters (such as 1. Constant load rate 2.Constant load + holding time 3. Holding clamp distance / gauge length for 1000hr) to test according to the specifications of steel wires and strand, and is available to be on line display and to record the test data of elongation, temperature and displacement of gauge length (grips) by using the sensors of thermometer, extensometer, and available to view and to record the graphs of Load Time, Elongation Time, Relaxation rate Time, Temperature Time.

Technical Specification