Tinius Olsen

TO-036 - Speedy Moisture Meter

Series: TO-036
Speedy Moisture Meter


Reliable and accurate moisture measurement.
Direct reading in percent moisture.
Rapid results for quick turnaround.
Robust construction ideal for field use.
Heavy duty carrying case with portable electronic balance.


Tinius Olsen’s Speedy Moisture Meter is used for determining the water (moisture) content of soil by chemical reaction. A measurement is made of the gas pressure produced when a specified mass of wet or moist soil is placed in a testing device with an appropriate volume of reagent and mixed. The Speedy Moisture Meter is supplied as a complete kit, which consists of a digital balance, scoop, aluminum bottle fitted with a moisture gage, calcium carbide reagent, steel pulverizing balls and cleaning brushes. The complete kit is supplied in a customized case.


Technical Specification