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UTC-Series - Servo Control Computer Universal Testing Machine 10 - 50 kN

Series: UTC-Series
Servo Control Computer Universal Testing Machine 10 - 50 kN


    The machine is made of steel plate with hardened surface treatment High stability and resistance of shake
  • BALL SCREW With rod each side to performance good stability
  • CROSS HEAD, Structure use high stiffness steel which has higher than others
    Forces are measured with a precision within ±0,5% of indicated values Adopt high accuracy and precision load cell to ensure test stabilities and low error
    Features dedicated button for moving the crosshead up, down and stop, performing the test as well as keys for load and extension tare and cross head return as manual operation
    Features high torque and power consumption efficiency, combined with double driver and high durability transmissions
  • Graph work Intelligent Control Windows based software.
    Setting of test methods.
    Test execution
    Analysis of the results
    Printing of the certificates
    Graphic Post
    analysis of the tests
    Statistical analysis of the tests.


Servo Computer Type Universal Testing Machine provides the ultimate in high accuracy and precision, fast speed and reliability with the corresponding computer control system, which are capable of tensile, compression, flexure, peel, shear, and friction testing Conforming to many international standards like ISO 7500 1 EN 1002 2 BS 1610 DIN 5122 ASTM E 4 JIS B 7721 /B 7733 CNS 9471 9470 JJG 475 88…etc. All operations are made via the simple and ergonomic operation panel The computer control system shows either force or stress or elongation or strain, the selection being made by simple key operation

Technical Specification