Taiwan Nakazawa

TNC-355ASL - Precision Abrasive / Micro Cutting Machine

Series: TNC-355ASL
Precision Abrasive / Micro Cutting Machine


Double Spindle, retreat high stability, long life Cuttingg done automatically return to the origin And retract speed can be adjusted Patented quick push-pull clamps Fixture can transverse around and have the distance scale display.


Easy Operation

The brand new precision vise has the feature of high flexibility, accurate positioning and strong clamping force. It can satisfy the variety of workpieces without changing the clamping system.

High Efficiency

Spindle and motor are the most core parts of the cutting machine. The high efficient spindle is durable design for demanding environments. TNC cutter has the excellent performance even under high-intensity work and toughest conditions.

Automation Function

With EASY FEED Function, the sensor will detect at the end of the cycle and automatically retracting the sample to the starting point after each operation. In the meanwhile, the buzzer alarm signaling the completion of section  process.

*SMART CUT (option)

Setting the upper limitation of amperage, the cutting will automatically stop and reatret until finishing the cutting. This intelligent feeding system has significant reduce the percentage of the disc fragment during the cutting process especially for the large workpleces.



Technical Specification