Tinius Olsen

TO-316E-DG - Portable / Four Pillar Concrete Compression Testers

Series: TO-316E-DG
Portable / Four Pillar Concrete Compression Testers


Pace deviation bar graph display.
Automatic stress determination and display.
Interlocked safety doors with mesh window as standard.
Overload and over-travel safety protection.
Self-aligning platen with fast accessory change capability.
Multi unit force and stress in English, Metric or SI.
Peak force and stress results.
Parallel printer output.
EDI – stored results of approximately 2000 tests. Four-line LCD display with 40 characters per line.
Touchscreen-based EDI – internal storage of 200 tests and direct to USB thumb drive storage.


The machine at hand is the Model TO316E-DG and has a maximum testing capacity of 338,000 lbf or 1,500kN. This machine is primarily designed for the testing of 100mm (4in) and 150mm (6in) cubes an concrete cylinders that are 100mm (4in) and 150mm (6in) diameter. This Tinius Olsen tester features a four column loading frame with a DG series pumping unit, and a touch screen electronic display that can be mounted on top of the machine. These highly robust frames for exceptional stability when testing concrete cylinders or cubes.

The large lower bearing block includes a bellows, so preventing leaks caused by dust and debris getting into the loading piston. The other advantage of this large bearing block is that it allows for a 12” horizontal entrance opening and plenty of ready access for loading and removing specimens. Additionally these machines offer an optional chute for quick removal of completed specimens and rapid cleaning of the test area. This series also includes the rapid change platen system with which operators can quickly and easily change accessories, quickly switching between cylinder, block, cube and beam specimen testing.


Technical Specification