Tinius Olsen

FH-7 - Micro Vickers, Vickers, and Micro Brinell hardness

Series: FH-7
Micro Vickers, Vickers, and Micro Brinell hardness


Scales – All FH7 models can test Micro-Vickers, Vickers, Knoop and Low Force Brinell scales but the FH7-2 adds Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell, while the FH7-3 increases Brinell testing capacity to 250kgf. In its ultimate configuration, the FH7 has fully automatic advanced co-ordinate pattern, weld pattern and free style testing of metallic and plastic parts in any common hardness scale.

Unparalleled test force range – The servo-driven force actuator allows test forces from 10gf up to 250kgf, a capability unique to Tinius Olsen, which uses its own precision load cells and force control electronics. The load actuator is able to position the test head, with sub-micron accuracy, in any required position, and at unsurpassed speed, allowing for greater testing throughput.

Advanced high speed turrets – The high speed, eight-position turret, is the first hardness tester to incorporate a standard built-in laser positioning systems. The turret also contains two HD cameras, with auto focus and optical zoom system, allowing stage (over)viewing at indenter position.

Quick change stage and anvil post – As an alternative to the standard ultra-fast motorized CNC stages, there is the option to install larger T-slot stages, fixed stages and a number of anvils. To save time exchanging the nearly unlimited choice of stage and anvil options, the tester features the quick change accessories post, which allows tester reconfiguration in seconds.

Safety first/collision detection system – To ensure maximum user safety and protect the tester, all FH7 models have an advanced collision detection, warning and test head retraction system. This is triggered by any uncommon force on the turret and will stop and retract the test head in milliseconds, protecting the operator’s hands and indenters, objectives and workpieces.

Clamping device – An integrated clamping device will firmly hold the workpiece against the anvil or test table while performing Rockwell or other depth measuring tests (optional).


The FH-7 series of Micro-Vickers, Vickers and Micro Brinell hardness testing machines use a unique, electronically controlled, closed loop system and advanced force sensor technology to achieve absolute accuracy, reliability and repeatability on each of the test forces. Horizon software allows file storing, test program setting and storing, image zoom, auto focus, limit settings, conversions to other hardness scales, system setup and (remote) control, pattern testing (CHD/Nht/Rht) to ensure high reproducibility of test results and limits operator error and interpretation.


Technical Specification