ARCS Precision Technology

KOM-M Series - Manual Video Measuring System with Optical Microscope

Series: KOM-M Series
Manual Video Measuring System with Optical Microscope


  • Precision granite base
  • High resolution & high accuracy CCD camera unit
  • Optional objective lens with in accordance with the different demands of bright or dark filed, long or short working distance lens
  • Objective lens magnification 5X, 10X and 20X (2X, 50X are optional)
  • LED continuous adjustable surface and contour illumination
  • ARCS standard microscope system, there is Nikon or Olympus microscope system for optional
  • Z-axis broadband feed using variable speed button + up / down control
  • Z-axis submicron (0.5 μm) feed using MPG forward / reverse control
  • Linear transmission
  • Linear scale resolution: 0.5 μm on X, Y and Z axis
  • Length accuracy: (3+L/200) μm
  • Repeatability: 0.003 mm
  • Connection: RS232 interface in X. Y and Z axis
  • SI-102 measuring software
  • Easy import, export Dxf file, offering SPC function
  • Power system: 1~, AC200V~230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Made In Taiwan
  • All series with working table (LxWxH) 1000x1000x672 (mm)
  • Long working distance objective lens (2X, 50X are optional)
    • 2X working distance 34.6 mm
    • 5X working distance 45 mm
    • 10X working distance 34 mm
    • 20X working distance 30.8 mm
    • 50X working distance 13 mm


This non-contact vision measuring system comprises of high resolution and accuracy CCD, microscope with continuous zoom magnification system, high-precision linear scales and stage. It is an optical precision measuring system with high precision and efficiency, which is widely applied in various precision industries. Such as,

  • Material analysis and identified (Fiber, ceramics, Power, Metallurgy, Chemical industry)
  • Semiconductor Wafer, SOP, QFP, BGA, CSP, Lead Frame, Package, COF
  • PCB products Printing Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, HDI, FPC
  • Display component TFT-LCD, PDP, STN, CRT, Shadow Mask
  • Optical component, Communication, Camera component
  • Mechanical precision molds, Metal stamping, Cutting
  • Medical-related (Teaching and Research institutes )

Technical Specification