Tinius Olsen

TO-400 - Le-Chatelier Mold & Apparatus

Series: TO-400
Le-Chatelier Mold & Apparatus


Le-Chatelier mold

Extensibility of mold apparatus

Le-Chatelier flask


The Le-Chatelier Mold consists of a small split cylinder that, when assembled, forms a mold with an internal diameter of 30mm and a height of 30mm. On either side of the split cylinder, two parallel indicating arms with pointed ends are fixed. The mold construction is such that when a mass of 300g is applied, this will increase the distance between these indicator arms by 17.5mm ± 2.5mm without permanent deformation of the mold.

Two rings are soldered to the upper half of the mold on each side of the central split to make it easier to split the hardened mold at the end of the test.


Technical Specification