Tinius Olsen

TO-274 - Integral Proving Rings

Series: TO-274
Integral Proving Rings


Repeatability within 0.2% of indicated load.
Accuracy within ±1% of indicated load.
Works calibrated


Tinius Olsen Clamped Boss Load Rings are available in the range 1-50kN. The Proving Rings are made up of special steel, carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined to give high sensitivity commensurate with stability, ensuring long life and accuracy. All proving rings are of the integral type: the loading (outside) bosses are forged integral with the ring body. This ensures that there is no possibility of abutment shift and consequent loss of accuracy in readings that occurs with bolted abutments.

The rings are supplied complete with dial gage and Works Calibration Chart, individually packed in polished wooden boxes. The repeatability and accuracy of all clamped boss rings comply with the requirements of NIS 0415 Accreditation for the Calibration of Force Measuring Rings and Load Cells used in Soil Testing. Proving rings to meet special requirements are also available on request. A separate polished and ground pair of loading pads for compression proving rings and a pair of shackles for tension proving rings are provided to suit each proving ring.


Technical Specification