JTM Technology

JTM-RP1820 - Impact Testing Machine

Series: JTM-RP1820
Impact Testing Machine


Human machine Interface
Au to Pendulum lift System
Auto Breaking System
Auto Pendulum Home
interlock safety cover
LCD indicator Touch Screen Panel
Printing device
Energy: Impact Energy J (joule)
Strength: Impact Strength kJ/m


This tester is used to determine the energy required to break plastics, composites, and metallic materials A notch is made at the center of a rectangular standard test specimen Both ends are used as supports Impact force is applied by releasing the pendulum The energy required to break a specimen is calculated by the angle which the specimen swings up corresponding to the residual energy

ASTM D256, JIS K 7111, K 6911, K 6743, CNS10425, B7255

Technical Specification