JTM Technology

UTM-H Series - Horizontal Servo Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine 300 - 2000 kN

Series: UTM-H Series
Horizontal Servo Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine 300 - 2000 kN


  • Full Computer Control System
  • Full Open Jaw Automatic Hydraulic Clamping System
  • Full Range of Testing Accessories
  • Safety protection Automatic detection It can be set in different safety capacity
  • Speed Adopt PLC automatic speed control device Available in automatic and manual speed control
  • Base FCD 55 high strength casting material, stable and precise
  • Flexible Sample Testing Specimens may be in rod, flat or form etc Enable testing of various materials
  • High Precision within ±0.5% of indicated values
  • Graph work Intelligent Control Windows based software – Setting of test methods, test execution, analysis of the results, printing of the certificates, Graphic Post analysis of the tests, Statistical analysis



Horizontal Servo Computer Type Tensile Testing Machine provides the ultimate in high accuracy and precision, fast speed and reliability with the corresponding computer control system, which are capable of tensile for Cable, Electrical Wire, Steel Rope, Steel Wire, Steel Chain, Spring, Webbing, Nylon Rope, Hooks etc… Conforming to many international standards like ISO 7500/1, EN1002-2, BS1610, DIN5122, ASTM E4, JIS B7721/B7733, CNS 9471/9470, JJG 475-88…etc. All operations are made via the simple and ergonomic operation panel. The computer control system shows either force or stress or elongation or strain, the selection being made by simple key operation.

Technical Specification