JTM Technology

JTM-AP1696 - Dynamic Torsion Testing Machine

Series: JTM-AP1696
Dynamic Torsion Testing Machine


  1. Safety protection – Automatic detection of specimen breakdown point to protect the computer system and prevent load cell. It can be set in different safety capacity.
  2. Speed – Adopt PLC automatic speed control device. Available in automatic and manual speed control.
  3. Control model
    Angle control
    Torsion control
    Endurance test
    Break test
    Data saving : pre
    set saving condition.
  4. Function
    X-T Diagrams (Torsion → Time)
    X-Y Diagrams (Torsion → volume)
    Average value
    Standard Deviation
    Maximum value
    Break value
    Compare diagrams


This machine is designed for testing various tools, wrenches and screw drivers. It can test Dynamic torsion. It applies with computer control system as well as high
performance software which can read, save and compare the results. The operation is very simple It can easily get the testing data, number, graph and print out All
operations are made via the simple and ergonomic design which will improve the efficiency of the production as well as product quality

Technical Specification