JTM Technology

JTM-S240 - Dynamic Fatigue Machine

Series: JTM-S240
Dynamic Fatigue Machine


  • PC and Software
  • Operating System Windows OS
  • Pre-define Test Method.
  • Constant Load and displacement minor tuning.
  • Sine, Ramp, Triangular waveform generator.
  • Real Time Graph display.
  • Test data auto saving.
  • Report Editor.
  • Safety definition.
    (Load vs. Time), (Displacement vs. Time), (Load vs. Displacement) graph showing.


Dynamic Fatigue Machine provides the ultimate in high accuracy and precision, fast speed and reliability with the corresponding computer control system, which are capable of tensile, compression, flexure, peel, shear, and friction testing.

  • Used to determine the durability of materials such as metals, plastics, rubber and complex stuff.
  • It uses the cyclic tensile, compression or flexure strain under specified load, stroke and frequency to evaluate the material’s service life cycle.
  • Equipped with a high-speed controller and a professional program to generate waveforms such as sine, square and triangular or the waveform defined by the user.

Technical Specification