Tinius Olsen

TO-105-2 - Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Series: TO-105-2
Direct Shear Test Apparatus


Microprocessor control.
Rapid approach and return to start datum.
Fully variable speed, up to 9.99mm/min.
Reduced operator involvement.
Direct entry through keyboard.
Direct reading in engineering units.
Modular transducer system.


Every building or structure imposes loads on the soil supporting the foundation and this develops stress among the soil particles, failure of this stress leads to the sliding of one body of soil relative to the surrounding mass. Tinius Olsen’s direct shear test apparatus is a motorized dead weight testing machine designed for direct and residual shear testing on undisturbed and remolded soil specimens.

The machine uses a 10:1 beam loading device to control confining pressures, a load cell with readout measures shear pressure and a displacement transducer to measure shear and vertical displacement.


Technical Specification