JTM Technology

JTM-RT34 - Digital Moisture Meter

Series: JTM-RT34
Digital Moisture Meter



  • High accurate, Auto temperature compensated.
  • Function of Auto / Manual Power off and Hold / MAX / MIN value.
  • According to measuring material, user can use different type of probe.
  • 8 type of wood calibration scales, according different type of wood.
  • Built-in calibration (CAL) function ; user can check condition of instrument and adjustable by potentiometer.
  • Power supple of one 9V battery or AC adaptor (Option). With low battery warning.
  • Water / dust-proof, Easy to operate, Long-term stability.


Wood, Bamboo, Building, Leather, Cloth, Medication, Paper, Powder, Ceramics, Cement and Apply a reference value to a moisture levels..etc

Technical Specification