ARCS Precision Technology

PMS-Series - Cordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Series: PMS-Series
Cordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)



  • Three axes use the 000 level of high-precision granite guides and offer a measuring system with the excellent stability.
  • Three axes with the high-precision, preloading design of the Air Bearings, Ring Configuration, Whole closed design and No abrasion, to provide the most accuracy and stability.
  • Granite structures reduces temperature changes while also improving accuracy and providing vibration impedance effectively.
  • This machine uses the Renishaw linear scale , probe and controller to control the accuracy and stability of operations.
  • Use the high quality and accuracy of the Renishaw Probe System. Provide various probes for option:
    • MH20i Manual Indexing Probe / TP20 Probe
    • PH10T Motorized Indexing Head / TP20 Probe
    • PH10M Motorized Indexing Head / TP20 Probe / SP25M Scanning Probe
  • It also uses the SMC high quality air filer and regulator from Japan. This ensures that the machines could be used long-term without losing effectiveness or stability.
  • The Rational DMIS is very easy for user to learn, and it could help the operator easily completed measuring.
  • The Z-axis is designed with pneumatic balance to increase movement features.
  • The Renishaw UCC Control System with high speed, high accuracy and an embedded 32 bit microprocessor allow for precise and immediate control.


PMS ( Proactive Measuring System ) is the Proactive Coordinate Measuring System. It is an excellent system that offers the best measuring path for the three-dimension spaces. The PMS controls the operation and data processes through the computer. Not only it is efficient and accurate in its measurements, it can also be widely used with various work pieces and satisfies all customers’ needs and requests.

Technical Specification