Taiwan Nakazawa

TNM-32AX - Automatic Hot Mounting

Series: TNM-32AX
Automatic Hot Mounting


Economical and robust mounting press
Electric hydraulic system
Adjustable heating & cooling time



One Touch

Fully Automatic mounting press, the sample can be finish in only one touch. Buzzer alarm to notify the completion of mounting process. Double mounts can be made simultaneously by adding  spacer  in one cycle.

Programmable  Module 

4 Mounting  Methods for different powder application  are built in. 9 sets  of memory modules can be set up including pressure, heating temperature, cooling time. This feature allows you  to achieve the high efficient Production level.

Safety Mechanism 

Our first priority is the safety of the operator. The press will be locked if the workpiece’s temperature doesn’t below the setting one. Water will keep providing till the temperature is down. Safety temperature can be setting from 40~60º C. The Structural design and experimental data have passed the international CE certification.



Technical Specification