Tinius Olsen

TNP-2020FRX-A3 - Automatic Grinding / Polishing

Series: TNP-2020FRX-A3
Automatic Grinding / Polishing


Stainless steel double back wheel, wear durability

Precision rotary balance, with a beat and will not yaw

Solid body design, the use of the body does not shake

Double cover design, safe and easy grinding, the work piece is not easy to fly off

Leak-proof design of the spindle, the spindle does not rust, running smoothly

Automatic type can also do 3 to 5 specimens

Automatic grinding


Durable Disign 

The elaborate design  of aluminum casting basement equipped with high efficient transmission unit can absorb the vibration and provide an excellent stability during grinding/polishing process. The greater sample flatness can be achieved.

Cooling System

Using Stainless faucet with ceramic valve including special design for the spray volume and angle , we develop the most suitable cooling system for grinding and polishing machine.

Easy to use and Maintenance

User-friendly design is clear and bright for the operator. FRP cover  and it’s coating is acid and alkali resistant which are easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Customized SOP parameters

An intuitive user interface with programmable methods allows user to create and save multiple grinding and polishing programs for quick access. The customersare able to build their own standard operating procedure.


Technical Specification