SI-102 Metrology Software


Features of SI Software

Features Model No.
SI-102 SI-101 SI-901 SI-SG CAM
Cross-hair image measuring software Multi-function image measuring software CNC Vision measurement software CAD/CAM software for lathe
CCD capture for motion image
File/Drawing Function File format .si/.dxf .si/.dxf .si/.dxf .si/.dxf
Image with Zoom in, Zoom out, Pan, Zoom. Window and Zoom all
Export the measurements to EXCEL
Print out the Report (Graph and Data)
Drawing and Data-Undo/Redo
CAD Function-Simple Drawing and point
Switch the Measuring Coordinate CAD function-Simple Modification: Cutting and Extension
Dimension Remarks
The tolerance judgement
Switch the Measuring Coordinate
Setting origin and Skew the axis of coordinate system
Switch the Display/Figure Area
Framing Measuring VGA Edge Auto-detecting
Cross-hair framing
Image Measuring Load a saved or an existing image file
Magnification Calibration Manual Manual/Auto Manual
Language Chinese
Other Functions Program Teaching/Multi-Sampling Manual move Auto move
USB Joystick operation
Z axis auxiliary focusing function Manual Focus Manual/Auto Focus Manual Focus