Q-SUN Xe-2


The Q-SUN Xe-2 rotating rack xenon arc test chamber reproduces the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight and rain. In a few days or weeks, the Q-SUN Xe-2 tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

The Xe-2 tester is a full-featured weathering, lightfastness and photostability chamber at a breakthrough price. It provides precise control of critical test parameters including spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black panel/black standard temperature. Water spray is also an available option.

The versatile Q-SUN Xe-2 tester is the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use rotating rack xenon arc tester available.

The New Standard in Rotating Rack Xenon Testers
The Q-SUN Xe-2 rotating rack xenon arc chamber is a full featured weathering and lightfastness chamber at a breakthrough price.  The Q-SUN Xe-2 tester’s xenon arc lamp provides the best match to full spectrum sunlight.  A variety of optical filters are available to match nearly any global xenon test standard.  Simultaneous, precise control of relative humidity, chamber air and black panel/black standard temperature is standard. Optional water spray can be added to simulate the erosion effects of rain.

Easy To Use
The Q-SUN Xe-2 xenon test chamber is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.  Specimen mounting and evaluations are simplified with specially designed specimen holders.  The Xe-2 tester is completely automated and can operate continuously, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Other features include:

Fast Results
A product exposed outdoors to direct sunlight experiences maximum light intensity for only a few hours each day.  The Q-SUN Xe-2 tester can accelerate results by subjecting test specimens to the equivalent of noon summer sunlight for 24 hours a day, every day. Consequently, specimen degradation can be highly accelerated.

The Q-SUN Xe-2 tester was specifically designed to be an affordable rotating rack xenon tester.  Its low purchase price, low lamp price, and low operating costs set a new standard for lightfastness testing.  Now even the smallest lab can afford rotating rack xenon arc weathering and lightstability testing.

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See LX-5046 – Q-SUN Specification Bulletin or the Features Tab for comparative information.