Max-Plus Series


Technology Features of MAX-PLUS Series

  • Video system: High Resolution & High Accuracy CCD/High Speed Video Capture Card
  • Magnification: 0.7x~4.5x (17.5x~112.5x) Standard zoom
    lens (Optional:Co-axial Lens)
    Optional: 0.5x lens (For Standard Lens)
    2x lens (For Standard or Co-axial Lens)
    5x lens (For Co-axial Lens
    10x lens (For Co-axial Lens)
  • Illumination: Adjustable surface and contour illumination
    (High Brightness Ring Illumination)
    (Optional:26 Channel Multi-Sections Illumination)
  • Linear scale: 0.5μm on X, Y, Z -axis
  • Length Accuracy:
    ± (3.5+L/100) μm on X,Y-axis (Max-6272)
    ± (5+L/100) μm on X, Y-axis (Max-90120 and Max-120150)
  • Motor: X,Y,Z Servo Motor
  • Motor operation: Mouse program (Optional: Joystick)
  • Repeatability: 2μm on X, Y-axis
  • Base: Precision granite table
  • Power supply:1~, AC220~230V, 50/60Hz
  • Support software: SI-901
    Optional Functions:
    SI-901A – Import Excellon File ;
    SI-901B – with Touch Probe Function ;
    SI-901C – with Rise Shrinks Bracket Function ;
    SI-901D – with Image Capture Function ;
    SI-901G – with Laser Measurement Function
Model No MAX-6272 MAX-90120 MAX-120150
Travel-X,Y axis 620x720mm 900X1200mm 1200x1500mm
Travel-Z axis 200mm 200mm 200mm
Stage size 840x1180mm 1150x1730mm 1450x2000mm
Stage load capacity 25kg 25kg 25kg
Travel Speed(Max.) X.Y-Axis 180mm/sec 180mm/sec 180mm/sec
Z-Axis 180mm/sec 180mm/sec 180mm/sec
LxWxH(mm) 1780x1500x1700mm 2280x1800x1780mm 2570x1800x1780mm
Net weight 1200kg 2300kg 3400kg