MAX-OM CNC Optical Microscope System


A. Application

This non-contact vision measuring system comprises of high resolution and accuracy CCD, microscope with continuous zoom magnification system, high-precision linear scales and stage. It is an optical precision measuring system with high precision and efficiency, which is widely applied in various precision industries. Such as,

Material analysis and identified (Fiber, ceramics, Power, Metallurgy, Chemical industry)
Semiconductor Wafer, SOP, QFP, BGA, CSP, Lead Frame, Package, COF
PCB products Printing Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, HDI, FPC
Display component TFT-LCD, PDP, STN, CRT, Shadow Mask
Optical component, Communication, Camera component
Mechanical precision molds, Metal stamping, Cutting
Medical-related (Teaching and Research institutes )

Technology Features:

  • Video system: High Resolution & High Accuracy CCD / High Speed Video Capture Card
  • Nikon Metallurgical microscope: LV Modular – CF160 System

    • MQD42000 C-Mount CCTV Adaptor
    • MQD42000 C-Mount CCTV Adaptor
    • MBB63420 LV-T13 Trinocular Tube
    • Eyepiece CFI UW 10X-F. O. V. 25MM
    • Objective:
      CFIL Plan EPI – 2.5X: W.D. =8.8mm, N.A.=0.075mm
      CFIL Plan Fluor EPI – 5X: W.D. =23.5mm, N.A.=0.15mm
      CFIL Plan Fluor EPI – 10X: W.D. =17.3mm, N.A.=0.30mm
      CFIL Plan Fluor EPI – 20X: W.D. =4.5mm, N.A.=0.45mm
    • LV-UEPI Universal Epi- illuminator (12V, 50W)
    • Contour illuminator: 1W
    • NCB11 – color balancing Filter
    • Nosepiece: LV-NU5A Motorized Nosepiece (Include LV- NCNT Controller)
  • Linear scale: 0.5μm on X ,Y ,Z – axis
  • Length Accuracy: ±(2+L/100) μm on X ,Y-axis
  • Repeatability: 2μm on X, Y– axis
  • Motor: X, Y, Z Servo Motor
  • Motor Operation: Mouse program (Optional: Joystick)
  • Base: Precision granite table
  • Power supply: 1~, AC220~230V, 50/60Hz
  • Support software: SI-901
Model No. MAX-3020(OM) MAX-4530(OM)
Travel Size (X.Y.Z) 300x 200x 200mm 450x 300x 200mm
Stage Size 505 x 355mm 705 x505mm
Stage Load Capacity 25 KG 25 KG
Travel Speed (Max.) 120mm/sec. 120mm/sec.
Dimension (mm) 1075x 850x 1900 1185x 1275x 1900
Net Weight 468 KG 670 KG